Car accidents are extremely common, with one estimated to occur every minute somewhere in the United States. Some are very severe, causing catastrophic injuries while others are so low impact that the people involved can simply walk away. Nevertheless, even the most minor of car accidents can result in injury, although due to adrenaline, stress, and distraction, many people don’t experience the full extent of any damage they have suffered until several days following their collision. It is for this reason that it is so important that you get checked out by a chiropractor following any sort of car accident. If you are found to be suffering from any injury, your therapist will discuss which treatment options are available to you. One of the most common recommendations made to patients following a car accident is massage therapy.

What is chiropractic massage therapy?

Massage therapy is one of a number of different approaches used by chiropractors that focuses primarily on the muscles and tendons within the body. There is a range of different massage techniques, but each is used to manipulate the muscles and tendons in order to loosen and relax them. In doing so, oxygenated blood can flow through them more efficiently, and this helps to reduce inflammation and the pain that often accompanies it. By reducing inflammation in the muscles, it also eliminates much of the pressure that may have been placed on the nervous system, and this will help your body to function optimally.

Massage therapy usually takes place over a number of sessions, although how many you will need will depend on the extent of your injury and how well your body responds to the treatment.

Benefits of chiropractic massage therapy

There is a range of benefits associated with chiropractic massage therapy. Some of the main advantages to choosing this type of treatment include:

Drug-free pain relief

Most people feel the aftereffects of a car accident for days if not weeks following their collision. This could range from aches and pains to severe whiplash. Inflammation is a natural response following any sort of injury, and inflammation and pain tend to go hand in hand. This is because inflammation causes the release of certain chemicals into the tissues and these may stimulate the nerves present in the area, causing pain. Massage therapy can enable oxygenated blood to flow through the muscles, helping to eliminate pain without the use of medications.

Increased flexibility

By reducing the amount of inflammation in your muscles through massage therapy, they become looser and more relaxed. As a result, patients are better able to move them and can enjoy increased flexibility and range of motion. This will enable you to get back to your usual daily routine much more quickly.

Reduce scar tissue formation

Scarring is a very natural part of the healing process. When injuries occur to the musculoskeletal system, this scarring occurs internally. While you can’t see it, if the scarring is too excessive you will be able to feel it. This is because the thickened adhesions and collagen fibers can restrict movement and cause pain when you try to use the affected area. Deep tissue massage has been shown to help break down scar tissue and can even prevent it from forming.

Faster recovery

Another core benefit of massage therapy following a car accident is that it can significantly speed up your recovery, particularly if the only injuries you have experienced are those which affect the musculoskeletal system. This is because massage enables oxygen-rich blood to more easily reach the damaged muscles and cells so that they can repair themselves. As a result, your internal injuries will heal more quickly.

Post-traumatic incident recovery

Whether your car accident was fairly minor or extremely serious, it isn’t uncommon to develop feelings of stress and anxiety afterward. Some patients even go on to develop some degree of post-traumatic stress (PTSD) which can be very debilitating and make even the simplest of tasks much harder than you might expect. Studies have found that chiropractic massage therapy can be beneficial in overcoming the psychological effects of being involved in a car accident. Regular sessions could help to you to manage your stress/anxiety more effectively, sleep better, and generally feel happier.

If you’d like more information about the benefits of massage therapy after a car accident, or to schedule an appointment with our experienced team, please contact our chiropractic center today.

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