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Back Pain Warning System

Read Back Pain Warning System
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Back Pain Warning SystemBack Pain

Back Pain Relief System Lights and Bells are sounds we are conditioned to respond to quickly when there is a crisis. Our body’s warning system, pain, is unfortunately the most often ignored alarm. Pain of any kind is a warning signal from your body that something is wrong. People often prefer to silence their warning system with pain killers and ignore the message their body is desperately trying to communicate to them until the point of major crisis or total loss. Back pain is one such pain that is very commonly ignored or masked until it depletes the quality of life to an unbearable state.

Understanding Your Back Pain Warning System

The facet joints at the back edge of each spinal bone are rich with pain receptors and are a common cause of back pain. The pain can be a sign these interlocking joints have lost their normal mobility. The discs between spinal bones can also be involved. Simple traumas like a slip or fall or over stretching while lifting can cause the soft, gel like material in the middle to shift and cause pressure on nearby nerves.

The Fast Food Fix

In today’s society unfortunately people suffering with back pain both chronic and acute would like their pain taken away immediately. They most often choose fast and temporary over long lasting quality solutions. Very common choices include:

  • Ignore it: Spinal problems when ignored tend to worsen over time.
  • Bed rest: May offer short term relief but as with “ignoring it” this option delays addressing the problem.
  • Therapy: Again this may offer short term relief but if malfunctioning joints are present it is again just “ignoring it”.
  • Medicine: Numbs the pain offering relief but there are no medications that will correct the joint dysfunction.
  • Surgery: Certain types of back pain may require surgery but these are rare and even in these cases surgery is recommended as the last resort and only when conservative treatment options are unable to help.
  • The Healthier Corrective Choice

Chiropractic treatment may improve spinal position and mobility. By restoring the way your spine works the joints, discs and soft tissues begin to repair, nerve pressure can be reduced, pain diminishes and stability returns. Chiropractors or spine specialists also have incorporated many useful tools, inclusive of spinal decompression, to help not only restore mobility and alignment but help expedite the regenerative process of the spinal discs.

FAQs on Back Pain Warning System:

I have a “little” back pain every day – is that normal? Pain of any kind is a warning sign that something is wrong. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that a physical limitation has been reached or a problem has developed. Because our body has a tremendous capacity for adapting, minor aches and pains are often ignored. While the pain may stop, if the underlying problem (the reason for the pain) is not addressed, the problem may worsen until it becomes more difficult and expensive to resolve.

What about taking muscle relaxers? Of course chiropractors don’t dispense medications. Ocean Chiropractic and Health Center uses natural drug-free methods to help our patients. There are many stress relieving activities that can provide muscle relaxation: improved hydration, deep breathing exercises, and positive mental visualization can significantly help patients that are struggling to recover because of muscle tension. Additionally, for acute pain or pain related to treatment (muscular soreness similar to that experienced from starting a new exercise) properly applied ice has an analgesic effect and when used regularly can help to improve the circulation to areas suffering from degeneration. Most importantly you get the benefit of these methods without the unwanted effects associated with many medications.

How does Chiropractic work? A chiropractic adjustment can aide in your body in self-healing, self-regulating and controlled by your nervous system. Millions of instructions are communicated between your brain and your body, up and down the spinal cord, and over the peripheral nerves to every organ and tissue. The messages sent back to the brain confirm if the body is working correctly or tell the brain there is an emergency (pain). Improper movement and/or position of the bones of the spine can negatively impact this vital exchange of information between the brain and body by irritating or compressing nerves and thereby diminishing the function and coordination of affected organs and tissues. Chiropractic treatments are designed to improve this brain body communication cycle. By improving nervous system communication the body repair process improves and the warning system (pain) can return to its normal resting state.

Does insurance cover Chiropractic care? Just ask us if your insurance covers chiropractic!  If you sincerely want your health back, in most cases we can help and we will do our best to make chiropractic care affordable for just about anyone.

The Chiropractic Solution

Our office would like to be part of your future healthcare solution. We will address not only the areas that are affected by pain but find the root cause to help restore function and help your body obtain better long lasting health and strength naturally.

Did you know that most health insurance covers chiropractic, massage therapy and physical therapy? Dr. Bradley Deiner, D.C. and Dr. Jennifer Carter, D.C. and the staff at Ocean Chiropractic and Health Center have a genuine concern for your well-being and health! Call us today and we can schedule a consultation for your chiropractic and weight loss needs. Most insurance are accepted. If you are new to our website, please take a moment to educate yourself about our practice and to discover the wonders of chiropractic care and wellness. Ocean Chiropractic and Health Center wants to help you begin the journey of wellness together! Now serving Vero Beach.

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The Benefits of Walking
Ocean Chiropractic & Health Center
February 28, 2016

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Get fit the old-fashioned way! While some fitness enthusiasts relentlessly seek out the latest, trendiest exercise crazes, many others are returning to good, old-fashioned walking to help them feel great and get into shape. Whether enjoying the wonder of nature or simply the company of a friend, walking can be a healthy, invigorating experience. And thanks to its convenience and simplicity, walking just might be right for you, too.

The Benefits of Walking

You don’t need to become a member of an expensive gym to go walking. And except for a good pair of walking shoes, it requires virtually no equipment.

The benefits of walking can accomplish all of the following and more:
  • Improves cardiovascular endurance
  • Tones muscles of the lower body
  • Burns calories: about 80 if walking 2 miles per hour, and about 107 if walking 4.5 miles per hour
  • Reduces risk of heart disease

Selecting Shoes

The first item of business when beginning your walking program is to select the right pair of shoes. Too many people choose fashion over function when purchasing running shoes, not realizing that poor-fitting shoes can do more than hurt their stride; they can also lead to pain throughout the body. Make sure the shoes you purchase fit properly. The balls of your feet should rest exactly at the point where the toe end of the shoe bends during walking. Select shoes with plenty of cushioning in the soles to absorb the impact.
Shop for sneakers at the end of the day, or after a workout when your feet are generally at their largest. Wear the type of socks you usually wear during exercise.
When trying on shoes, be sure to wear them for at least 10 minutes at the store.Once you have purchased a pair of shoes, don’t walk them into the ground. While estimates vary as to when is the best time to replace old shoes, most experts agree that between 300 and 500 miles are optimal.

Getting Started

The benefits of walking just 12 minutes every other day can offer overall improved health. But in order to increase your longevity, try to eventually work up to 30 minutes, five days per week. Active adults should try to take 10,000 steps each day. Wearing a pedometer is an easy way to track your progress.

The following tips can help you get started on your walking regimen:

  • Move your arms freely, in coordination with the opposite leg.
  • Do not look down as you walk. This will challenge the normal forward curve of your neck, which, in turn, will cause you to carry your weight improperly.
  • Don’t carry weights or dumbbells while walking. They’re better used as a separate part of your exercise regimen.
  • Expect a little soreness in the thighs and calves for the first week or two. If you experience more than soreness, check with your chiropractor.
  • Walk briskly, with “purpose.” Simply sauntering, while relaxing and enjoyable, is not an effective form of cardiovascular exercise.
    Of course, be sure to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Walking Surfaces

Some walking surfaces are better than others on your musculoskeletal system:

Walking on a cushioned or rubberized track is ideal because the cushioning of this type of track absorbs most of the impact of your walking. Many recreation centers offer this type of track free of charge. Grass is another good surface, but watch out for hidden dips or holes in the ground. Walking on a surface with no give, such as concrete or a mall floor, is not your best choice because this type of surface will not absorb much of the impact your body will experience. If you do choose to walk on such a surface, be extra careful to select highly cushioned shoes.

Pain and Injury

While you may experience pain or injury in a particular area, such as a knee or a hip, the root of the problem may lie somewhere else. Injuries of this nature are not regional, or isolated, but systemic. A problem in the foot or ankle can create an imbalance in every step, leading to discomfort or injury that moves to the knees, hips, low back, or elsewhere. If you suffer from pain beyond typical muscle soreness, your chiropractor may be able to diagnose and treat your pain or injury and get you back into the swing of your walking routine. Your doctor of chiropractic can also help customize a wellness program that is right for you and has the expertise to help keep you in the mainstream of life.

Did you know that most health insurance covers chiropractic, massage therapy, and physical therapy? Dr. Bradley Deiner, DC and Dr. Jennifer Carter, D.C. and the staff at Ocean Chiropractic and Health Center have a genuine concern for your well-being and health! Call us today and we can schedule a consultation for your chiropractic and weight loss needs. Most insurance are accepted. If you are new to our website, please take a moment to educate yourself about our practice and to discover the wonders of chiropractic care and wellness. Ocean Chiropractic and Health Center wants to help you begin the journey of wellness together! Now serving Vero Beach.

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