The lymphatic system is an important part of our body’s immune system and can help to protect us from some infections and diseases. Lymphatic massage can help to boost the lymphatic system, making it more effective so that we can achieve even greater benefits to our health and wellbeing.

How does the lymphatic system work?

The lymphatic system is a one-way drainage system comprising of thin tubes and lymph nodes that runs throughout the body and plays a crucial role in destroying old or abnormal cells and fighting bacteria and other infections. It works in a similar way to blood circulation but carries a clear fluid called lymph fluid. Lymph fluid contains a large number of white blood cells that are able to fight infection and destroy bad cells. As lymph fluid passes through our body it collects any waste products, bacteria, and damaged cells, including cancer cells if there are any, and then drains into the lymph nodes which filter out the bad cells so that they can be destroyed. Lymph nodes can be found in many areas of the body, including the groin, armpits, neck, and tummy.

What to expect from lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage is a popular chiropractic treatment that can help patients to achieve improved health and wellbeing. Unlike regular massage, it doesn’t involve deep pressure into the muscles. Instead, lymphatic massage requires just a light touch since the lymphatic system sits close to the surface of the skin. There’s also a specific sequence that is usually followed, with the massage starting in the middle of the body and then moving towards the extremities in gentle, circular motions.

Benefits of lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage has a number of important benefits.

Reduce the build-up of lymph fluid. There are some health conditions that can interrupt the normal flow of lymph through the tubes and nodes. This can cause lymph fluid to accumulate in a particular area of the body, normally the arms or legs, where it can cause swelling. This condition is known as lymphedema. Lymphatic massage can help to improve the flow of lymph fluid, eliminating build-up and reducing swelling and its associated effects.

Post-surgery and sport’s injury recovery. Inflammation and swelling are common side effects of any sort of injury – whether accidental or intended (as in surgery). After experiencing an injury, the lymph vessels can become overwhelmed by the demand that the body places on them, causing swelling and inflammation. Lymphatic massage will help to remove proteins and waste materials from the affected area and reduce the swelling. This then helps to reduce pressure on the cells and allows them to reproduce more quickly so that your body can heal.

Support patients with autoimmune disorders. As we know, the lymphatic system forms an important part of our immune response, helping to protect us from many diseases and illnesses. Lymphatic massage has been shown to help improve the symptoms experienced by patients with chronic autoimmune disorders, such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, by improving the efficiency with which waste products are removed from the body.

Better skin. Many experts recommend lymphatic massage for people who experience issues with moderate to severe acne, which occurs due to the accumulation of toxins in the skin cells. Lymphatic massage of the face can help lymph fluid to move freely, removing these toxins so that patients can enjoy clearer, healthier, and more vibrant skin.

Improved general health. Since lymphatic drainage works to remove toxins and bad cells from the body, boosting the lymphatic system will obviously heighten the effectiveness of this process, which in turn can help patients to recover from illness more quickly and even become healthier overall.

Regular lymphatic massage can help you to look and feel better. Exactly how often you should undergo this treatment depends on the issues that you wish to target – speak to our chiropractic team for more information. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of lymphatic massage or to schedule your appointment today, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

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